About Adult Education Advocates

Adults are returning to school in record numbers.   Many want to advance in their position, start a new career or simply gain new skills. But barriers exist that can make it difficult to make the transition back to college. With the right help, however, adult students can and will succeed.  Adult Education Advocates’ customized approach “Roadmap to Success” helps adults navigate around these barriers. We help students find the right program, get accepted to college, and make a plan to finish their degree — or degrees. 

1. Envisioning the future.

Every successful college student is realizing a dream.  The student may want a better career, more money, or out of a dead-end job.  They may want to pursue a passion or interest that has been unmet, or they may simply want the experience of learning in a structured atmosphere.  We take the time to meet with each client, discuss their goals, evaluate their transcripts, and learn about their life experiences.  Based on this initial consultation, we help adult students explore their vision and motivation, and then we  identify potential college programs. 

2.   Finding the Right Program 

Unlike traditional undergraduates, who are all at the same stage of life, adults going back to school have a wide range of needs and experiences. The right program has to fit with the student’s current life, including hours of classes, support services, cost of the college, accelerated vs. regular programs, online learning, etc. But the right program must also meet with their vision for the future.  We have extensive experience in the field of adult education, and we use our expertise and understanding of the higher education landscape to help our clients find the programs that best fit their needs.

3. Financing options for college 

Taking the financial picture into consideration is critical when planning to go back to school. We help our clients explore all of their financial aid options, including loans, grants and scholarships. But we also examine each college’s internal policies to help the adult student maximize their resources.  This might include prior learning credits, accelerated and dual degree programs, and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) credits.    

4. The application and enrollment process

Once a program  has been identified, we help the student through the application and enrollment process.    We work with each student on drafting and revising the application, personal statement, letters of recommendation and resume.   If needed, we can communicate with the adult admissions office and advocate for our client.  Finally, we provide the student with ongoing support as they move through this process.  

5. Setting up support systems before you start

Once a student is accepted to the program of their choice, we help the student make a connection with their academic advisor, the financial aid office, the bursar and registrar before they ever step through the door of their first class.  This will help reduce stress and make the process of returning to school simpler.

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