How Adult Students Can Obtain Previous Transcripts

For anyone who is thinking of returning to college, collecting transcripts from previous colleges is one of the first things that needs to be done.  Many adult students are intimidated by this process because it could have been a long time since they attended school, the college might be in another state, or in some instances in another country.   However, transcripts are usually easy to obtain.

The Office of the Registrar is the first place to contact to obtain transcripts.  This is the department responsible for keeping transcripts and student records.   You can send a certified request by mail to obtain an official transcript, go in person to the registrar's office, or you can request the transcript electronically from a transcript services company.  These companies work with colleges and help them to reduce costs and workload.  Usually there is a small fee for transcript requests. The typical cost is anywhere from $5 to $10. Also, students can be charged shipping costs.

What If a Student Can't Locate Their Previous College?   There are two possible issues that could affect a college not being able to be located.   The first is the college or university may have merged with another school.  If this is the case, the transcripts should be located at the new school.    A student should contact the registrar at the new school and request the old transcripts.

The other possible situation is that a college goes out of business.  When a college is dissolved, generally another institution is designated as the record holder for that school.  If this is the case, an individual should contact the state Department of Education to obtain information about where the transcripts might now be located.

What Should a Student Do If They Are From Another Country?  The first thing an international student needs to do is to request official copies of all college transcripts.  Once a student obtains the international transcripts, they need to have them evaluated.    If an individual has a degree or diploma from a foreign country, it is necessary to have their educational background formally assessed for further education.   Foreign credential evaluation agencies have been created to provide this service.  These agencies provide the U.S. equivalent for each diploma, certificate, or transcript They will also show the dates an individual attended a foreign institution.   Finally, they will provides a list of courses and subjects studied and convert grades into equivalent U.S. grades for each course evaluated and calculate an overall Grade Point Average (G.P.A.).  This evaluation can then be submitted with the admissions application.

Obtaining transcripts is a straightforward matter that usually requires a letter to the institution a student previously attended.  The key for adult students is to not become discouraged if a barrier arises that slows down the process of getting old transcripts.  With a little perseverance and some help from outside agencies, almost any transcript can be obtained.

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