It’s Never Too Late to Go Back to College

Over the past 15 years I have had the opportunity to advise many amazing people who decided to go back to college later in life.  Each person's journey is unique and special.   What is similar about every adult who goes back to school is that they each took the first step to pick up the phone or send an email so they could start the process of getting their degree. For many, the first question they ask is: Am I too old to go back to school? The answer is that anyone can take charge of their life and future by returning to college.

In almost any career, further education can be a major benefit. Another degree can boost salary and help in getting a better position. This is especially true for adult workers who may be stalled from furthering their career because they do not have a college degree. Also, many companies love to see their employees going back to college, because they know the individual will be getting up-to-date information and training in the field.

Learning and mastering knowledge and skills can help adults stay sharp and flexible, and keeps life interesting and challenging. Also, students who take a course in one area or field can always apply that information to some other field or area of their life. Without new opportunities for learning, it's easy to fall into routines and stagnation. Going back to college as an adult isn't the only way to keep learning, but it's a good way that exposes adults to new ideas.

For many adults, college is a great place to make new friends and relationships and get exposed to new kinds of people. Adult students can make connections with professors, other students, speakers, and visiting professionals who will become valuable future contacts. These contacts can open up new avenues for employment that do not rely on your current employer or professional network.

Going back to college has so many benefits, but the feeling of success and accomplishment that comes with completing a degree later in life is something that will endure.  As one student put it to me when she finished her degree at 50: "I succeeded in my life for the first time at something for me."

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