Adult Education Advocates will help you get into the college program that best meets your needs.  We’ve researched and identified colleges that offer the best programs for adults.    We will help you through the admissions and application process, find ways to finance your education, and advise you on writing a strong personal statement and resume.  Finally, we promise to find a program that gives you the best opportunity to complete your degree.

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  • In-depth interview to assess student needs

We take the time to meet with every student for an in-depth interview.  During this consultation, you will receive an evaluation of any previous transcripts, an assessment of your academic and personal goals, and advice on the types of programs that would best meet your needs. You will also gain advice on any possible financing options and the steps needed to pursue them. 

  • Research and identification of appropriate programs

Once your goals have been identified, we will develop a list of potential college programs for you. With a vast knowledge of adult student programs, our experts can pinpoint the best option to offer you a successful education. We will provide a complete report with recommendations, and choices may include adult undergraduate accelerated programs, dual-degree programs and hybrid online/in-class programs.


  • Resume and personal statement coaching and editing

Whether you are applying to undergraduate or graduate school, writing a strong personal statement is critical to getting accepted. We provide proofing and editing services, as well as more complete advice, which includes brainstorming essay topics, guiding the writing process and polishing copy.

  • Advice on financing of education

Funding your college education could be your biggest concern. We can provide expertise in a number of areas, including identification of appropriate scholarships, grants, loans and all other financing options. We will also help you obtain and complete all of your financial aid forms.

  • Prior learning assessment

You may have life experiences that can translate to college credits through a prior learning assessment. We will evaluate and determine the best method for earning credits through prior learning and identify the colleges that will accept those credits.


  • Application process

We will provide guidance in preparing all documents for your applications, and advice upon acceptance into school. We will support you until you step into the classroom on the first day.

We also have expertise and can advise adults on:

  • Certificate programs
  • Graduate degrees, including M.B.A.s
  • Specialty programs like post-bac pre-health programs


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Payment options:

We invite new clients to sign up for a one-time consultation of $150

Payment options for complete packages can be sent to you via email or mail by request

To learn more about our fixed fee packages, hourly rates, and discounts, visit our Payments Page or call us at 973-557-4791

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