To Survive Colleges Can't Rely On High School Grads

Recently Dan wrote an opinion piece for the online publication of The Star-Ledger. 

As The Star-Ledger's Kelly Heyboer reported on July 17, five colleges and universities in New Jersey are launching a pilot program to help adult students finish their college degree. With more than 860,000 adults in New Jersey who have some college credits but no degree, this program is a welcome addition for the nontraditional students in the state. However, it isn't enough.

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Thanks for bringing up the issue of non-traditional students. Today’s community and technical colleges serve a population that is increasingly diverse and less prepared for college. According to CCRC, more than half of all students entering college nationwide are underprepared and place in remedial education, and only half of these students actually complete it. Advancing slowly or not advancing at all to college-level coursework prevents these individuals to enter desired educational pathways towards better employment opportunities and family-supporting incomes, which presents a problem nationally and locally.